Lend to help those in need.
Whilst earning a fair return.

Feel great about your loan as you change a life for the better. Sapling is a market-led solution to solving poverty. We believe lenders should make a fair return. To date Sapling loans have had 0% defaults.
Loans are protected by a tranche of first loss capital.

Introducing Sapling

Fully on-chain lending to SMEs through community-run, liquid lending pools on Ethereum Layer 2s. Enables anyone (individual, institution, community, syndicate, family, or group of friends) to provide credit to SME borrowers without running a full-stack banking operation.

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Great returns for Lenders,
collateralized with real world assets

In rural Africa, local businesses can borrow from local Money Lenders and Banks at 10-20% per month, under strict terms and only if they have eligible collateral. Sapling’s first Lending Pool lends at 5% a month, half the price of other options. The community Pool Manager puts first loss capital into the pool, makes lending decisions, conducts underwriting and takes collateral (mainly land). Lenders are offered a projected APY of 25-30% with the multiple protections of the Pool Manager’s interest spread, first loss capital and Borrower collateral.

Become an alpha Lender

$16 trillion

Global small & medium enterprise Lending Market

According to the data for the largest 41 countries collated by Bank for Internal Bank Settlements (BIC) the international SME lending market size is approximately $14 trillion.

$5.2 trillion a year

Developing nations unmet SME debt requirements

The IFC and the SME Finance Forum found that 65 million enterprises, or 40 percent of formal micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in developing countries, have an unmet finance need of $5.2 trillion a year.


The growth of lending in Defi is explosive

The two main lending protocols, Compound and Aave have grown from practically zero to billions in loans in the last two years. From June 2020 to June 2022 Aave grew from $15m to $16bn in loans and Compound from $25m to $5bn in loans.

SMEs — powering global growth & job creation

Small and medium size enterprises are the world’s growth engine – helping SMEs to grow means providing opportunity to a significant proportion of the world’s population.

40% of GDP in emerging economies and 7 out of 10 jobs in those economies are created by SMEs. Globally SMEs power 50-70% of employment and are also a driver of innovation and socio-economic change; women lead up to one third of all businesses.

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Why Sapling?

Protocol Structure

  • Pool Managers provide first loss capital, make borrower vetting & lending pool decisions
  • Borrowers borrow on-chain from the lending pool and provide collateral
  • Lenders add funds into the lending pool

Current Defi Limitations

  • Multiple intermediaries decrease efficiency and raise costs to borrowers
  • The SME borrower is not on-chain, not transparent
  • Pool liquidity limitations

Advantages of Sapling

  • The SME borrower is on-chain, borrower performance is transparent
  • Even the smallest borrower with any mobile phone can access capital
  • Pool Managers create efficiency, provide local knowledge to improve loan quality
  • Small pool liquidity
  • Scalability with Pool Managers

Saplings Key Innovations

On-chain lending collateralized with real world assets

Sapling is the next step in the Web3 lending evolution creating permissionless pools of capital and bringing SME lending fully on-chain, from Lender direct to SME Borrower via trusted Pool Managers, making it cheaper and more efficient for all parties.

Borderless lending

Sapling will democratise lending and in doing so enable more SMEs to access capital. Subject to identity verification (KYB and KYC) any business, syndicate, charitable entity or non-governmental institution will be able to create an on-chain capital pool to lend to SMEs anywhere in the world.


Sapling incentivises and harnesses the power of blockchain communities to create a global network of people who are focussed on helping SMEs get access to the credit they need. We see an empowered community, owning and directing the protocol, as the quickest way to have the most significant global impact.

Trust-based through incentives

Successful lending is based on relationships and trust; Sapling offers a platform where trust can be built and positive behaviours are incentivised. Pool Managers will be incentivised to foster meaningful relationships with Borrowers and Borrowers will be able to build an onchain, public credit profile enabling them to obtain better loan pricing.

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